KaleDiet, lifestyle, stress levels and environmental pollutions all combine and conspire to burden our health and sap our vitality. Lasting from a day to a few weeks a detox aims to support and stimulate the process of detoxification effectively rebalancing energy levels and restoring health.

All detox combine the following four distinct steps for a set time:

The reduction of toxicity by recognising and limiting exposure. Diet is limited to its purest form only using organic produce. Environment is cleansed of harsh chemical where ever possible and stress is manged with purposeful relaxation and functional exercise

The targeting of detox organs (liver, kidneys and lymphatic system) by using specific protocols and herbal combinations

The stimulation of elimination through the colon, skin and lungs by using colonic irrigation, skin brushing and breathing techniques

The restriction of calorie intake forcing the body into destroying abhorrent cells to satisfy energy requirements. This type of intermittent fasting has been shown to dramatically enhance health, lastingly address weight issues and prevent chronic disease.


Consider a detox to:

bring yourself back into balance after a period of stress or excess,

help manage your weight

Improve mental health, focus and productivity

reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases

improve metabolism and insulin resistance

rectify hormonal symptoms

improve digestive health

strengthen immunity